6 Motivational Tips That Will Change Your Life



Do you ever just feel down in the dumps, lacking motivation to do anything at all?


We all get stuck in ruts from time to time where we just start giving up on day to day things that could be serious mood and motivation boosters. 


BUT there are 6 simple things that I love doing to get myself out of that mental rut. 


Here we go...





1. Make to-do lists the night before

This is an absolute gamer changer. Even if you don’t have that much to do, write anything down that you can think of. Stick to a plan and finish your tasks, this will clear your head which can beneficially impact your sleep and reduce stress. By having an overview in front of you, it is easier to stick to a plan and fulfil tasks that you might had forgotten if it was not for the list.




2. Make your bed every single day

This tip might be extremely logical to some of you but funny enough not everyone makes their bed in the morning. Making your bed can give a sense of accomplishment and satisfactory, and let’s be honest, we can use all the positive and happy feelings that we get in these difficult times.



3. Read, read and read!!


    If you have loads of free time on your hands, this is the tip for you. Read! Reading is such a good habit to develop; it stimulates your brain, time flies by (if it is a good book of course) and it is really good for your mental health. Studies actually show that stress levels are reduced by 68% after reading. So, much better than spending countless of hours on social media! My top book recommendations right now are:








    4. WORK OUT

    Even if you just do a 20-30 minute workout, this can turn your day around completely! 


    Try doing our abs & booty challenges (available on our instagram). These are quick daily workout challenges that help you build a booty and get a stronger core!



    5. Replace sugary snacks with Slender Products!


    Personally, I LOVE sweet snacks.


    I crave sweet snacks every evening. Having Slender Mug Cakes at hand are the best thing ever! There are 20 plus flavours to pick from including biscoff and cookies and cream! There is no wonder these are our best seller, they are TOO good! 



    There is nothing wrong with eating or drinking something sweet, as long as it is not full of sugar or loads of calories. Our Slender Blend shakes are sweet without the added sugar and calories! 



    Or what about low calorie low sugar pancakes? Biscoff flavour low calorie pancakes... YES! Add some low calorie spreads on top or some peanut butter and BAM! These will satisfy you for ages! 





    6. Pamper yourself!

    Grab your favourite face mask, body scrub, nail polish; you name it!


    There is nothing more relaxing than ending the day with a pamper sesh!