Never Skip Breakfast

Not enough time in the morning? You don't feel hungry when you wake up?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so why not make it the best!? It helps you to control apetite, curb cravings and kickstart your metabolism. 

Here are our top reasons for why you should never skip breakfast!

1. Kickstart your metabolism


When you go to sleep your metabolism slows down as you don't use as much energy through the night! Breakfast is really important to kickstart your metabolism and get everything fired up and working efficiently... especially if you are looking to lose weight. 

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2. Set the Tone!


What you eat for breakfast will determine how you feel for the rest of the day. Skip breakfast and you'll be hungry by the time you reach your desk! Don't let the HANGER creep in, this can lead to poor choices and snacking on the wrong food!

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3. Brain Power


Studies suggest that eating breakfast can help with cognitive function and memory. Why wouldn't you want to give your brain a boost and be on the ball all day long!

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4. Morning Workouts


If you're an early riser and like a fasted workout first thing in the morning, then this is the perfect time to allow your body to tap in to fat stores for energy and aid weightloss. It is vital however that you eat breakfast after your workout to refuel the body and give you energy for the day!

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5. Curb Your Cravings!


Opt for a protein packed breakfast such as our Slender Porridge, eggs or yoghurt that not only help to limit fat storage but also keep you feeling more full for longer. This is extremely important if you are aiming to lose weight, as a good breakfast will help you to control your apetit and curb snacking!

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6. Heart Health


Some studies have found that by eating a breakfast high in fibre and wholegrain options such as our Slender Porridge and Peanut Butter (both contain chia and flaxseed) can help to lower the risk of chronic diseases such as Cardiovascular disease and Diabetes.

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