Get more of that (vit) D: The key vitamins to boost your sex life

Sex… a magical, energetic performance between lovers (or special friends). Just like gym performance, our sexual performance and feelings are impacted by our nutrition and how well we fuel our bodies.

The Protein World team have got your back in understanding how to effectively implement the right nutrition to aid your sex life. Here are the KEY vitamins and minerals to include in your diet that will help you get those intimate moments super saucy.


Vitamin C:

This beauty helps synthesise sex and fertility hormones like androgen, estrogen and progesterone which in turn increases feelings of arousal. As well as this Vitamin C is an immunity booster and keeps those joints smooth reducing any pain leading to no stiffness in the bedroom (well apart from for a certain object!).


Vitamin B3 (niacin):

This bad boy is involved in energy metabolism by converting enzymes to energy. More energy leads to increased stamina in the bedroom. As well as this it also helps improve blood flow causing stronger erections.


Vitamin D3:

Getting that D is super important for a good sex life. Vitamin D3 not only  increases testosterone levels but helps females maintain estrogen levels both increasing the feeling or need to get down and dirty.



This guy helps testosterone levels in both men and women which is super important for a healthy sex drive. For men in particular zinc enables the creation of the main component of prostatic fluid.

Vitamin E:

Oh sweet vitamin E increases blood flow and oxygen to your genitalia leading to heightened sensitivity which of course increases the likeliness of the big O occurring for both parties.




Magnesium has aphrodisiac effects, which can improve your libido and sexual performance.


Vitamin B12:


And finally, B12 heightens your sex drive, and enlarges blood vessels leading to fabulous erections. It also stimulates secretion of histamine needed for orgasm.


Of course, we always advocate getting these nutrients through whole foods; however if you’re struggling to hit intake recommendations or need an extra boost why not try our multivitamin capsules? These babies are full of all the vitamins and minerals listed above and aid you in being that sexy minx. Many of our products such as our Slender Porridge blend and Slender Pancake mix are also infused with our multivitamin powders to bring your vitamin and mineral levels ups.

That’s all from us today lovelies. Get nutrient fuelled and go get em’ tiger!