FOODS TO AVOID If you Want More Energy









It may seem a little strange that food can actually deplete our energy, in a way. Calories equal energy, right?


Yes—that much is technically true. But certain nutrients or processed foods can actually require way more energy for our bodies to break down than they are giving us, causing us to feel either an immediate heavy slump (like a cheeseburger on your lunch break) or leaving us starving and not our most functional a mere hour later. 


Refined carbohydrates 


Both refined carbs and hidden sugar in “health foods” that have little to no fibre content aren’t doing us any favours. So what exactly do we look out for?


White pastas, breads, crackers, candy, juices, granola, etc.  These make your blood sugar spiking dramatically, leaving you slumped and exhausted an hour later. Foods like oatmeal and rice can absolutely be healthy but can affect everyone differently.


That being said, oatmeal or porridge is a great source of fibre and other nutrients, just be sure not to buy those instant packets full of sugar and flavouring. 



Our Slender Porridge is perfect in this regard because it has no added sugar and just uses zero calorie sweeteners, it is packed with fibre and includes added chia seeds. Since it is also packed with Protein it will keep you fuller for longer and energised for much longer.




Alcohol is actually a depressant, which is why it makes you feel calm and sleepy. Alcohol has been shown to affect our circadian rhythm by decreasing the important REM stage of sleep.


Studies have concluded that increased inability to get into quality REM sleep is associated with increased levels of anxiety and depression—which can be exhausting!


A nice glass or two of wine with a fantastic dinner or to celebrate isn’t going to hurt us—we’ve gotta live! But making it a habit to consume more than two drinks regularly (like, five-plus times a week, regularly) is a bit of a problem.










Caffeine actually blocks the hormone adenosine that makes us sleepy. So when the caffeine wears off and we have high levels of adenosine, we’ll feel the fatigue again. Caffeine also stimulates the release of cortisol, aka our major stress hormone, and having too much cortisol can cause stress and fatigue.



If you find that you are extremely caffeine sensitive, try our Whey Protein Concentrate if you are looking for a way to increase your protein intake throughout the day. This is caffeine free, packed with over 30g protein and super low in calories (about 150 calories per shake).