Slender Weight Loss Story: Episode 10


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Weight loss is TOUGH! And at some point in our lives we've all struggled with our bodies and wanted to make big changes.
Whether it be changes in your diet or workout routine, we are here to inspire and help you get back on track to feeling and looking your best.

Taylor Hopps is our inspiration of the week!

Taylor went through a long period of feeling down and unhappy about her body and her diet, and how this was affecting her mental health.
"I wasn't happy at all. I wasn't watching what I was eating and didn't pay much attention to my diet which was not ideal".
Taylor was then introduced to Protein World and she said it changed the way she looked at her lifestyle and diet significantly!
"Bringing Protein World into my diet has changed my life completely. My diet always lacked structure, caloric limits and especially protein!


But ever since i discovered the range of Products Protein World has, I have fallen in love with eating healthy and being able to enjoy delicious but healthy meals.
My start weight was 10 stone 5 and i’m now at 9 stone! It took me 8 months to achieve this goal and I am SO proud of how far I've come! I still have goals to achieve of-course, but I feel and look better than ever!"
Taylor says some of her favourite products are:
"I use the Slender Porridge every single day to make Baked Oats for breakfast.
Baked Oats with Slender Porridge is actually unreal. It's like having cake for breakfast! There are SO many flavours of The Slender Porridge so I never run out of options!"


"I also LOVE the Slender Blend! Once again, there are SO many flavours of it.
I love how versatile it is and how many things I can make with it. I can make Baked Oats with it, healthy smoothies, Protein Shakes and much much more!"
"As many others do, I have the Slender Mug Cakes every single evening without fail. This is the most delicious low calorie treat and it beats any other low calorie desserts in my opinion!"


"If there was one product I would 10000% recommend anyone to try, it would be the Protein World Slender Mug Cakes! They even have Vegan/Plant Based versions of them now, including a NEW Dark Chocolate & Raspberry flavour!"