Slender Weight Loss Story Episode 6


Chloe's Journey


“Over the past year I’ve lost 12 pounds and become a lot leaner and mentally happier, and I have Protein World to thank for helping me through it!”

Want to know how Chloe achieved her weight loss goals and her Protein World must have products? Read below!



How did Protein World help you with your journey?



"My weight loss journey has always been very up and down.

I tried several diets and tried to implement different company’s products but wasn’t able to find anything that suited me.

 The first product I tried was Protein World’s Slender Porridge for making the trending Baked Oats and I LOVED it.

I haven't looked back since and really went full steam ahead with my fitness journey. I have never been happier mentally and physically!"




Which are your favourite Protein World products?


"My favourite Slender Porridge flavour has to be the Vanilla because it’s so verstaile and works in all my Baked Oats recipes.

It’s SO filling and easy to make for a quick healthy breakfast, and takes the stress out of finding a healthy breakfast option.

 I also then got put onto the Slender Mug Cakes… and WOW! These are a go-to dessert option for me now and I can see why so many people rave about them!

 I recently ordered the Slender Pancakes, and I am loving them as a healthier weekend treat! I will definitely be ordering more from Protein World soon!"



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