Why YOU should eat waffles!



- By PW Nutritionist & NPD Specialist Jacob Ward 






Do you like waffles? Who doesn’t right… Well strap in for a brief history lesson & a fun fact along the way! Waffles were first discovered in 1824 in Belgium when waffle batter was accidentally dropped on a waffle iron, and since then they have become a staple breakfast all across the globe! Not only do waffles taste AMAZING, but there are an overwhelming number of benefits of consuming them, highlighting the importance of waffles in daily life.  



Research has shown that people who eat on average 2.4 waffles a week, lead on average, a HAPPIER and more SUCCESSFUL life! 



But what are the nutritional benefits?! On the whole, waffles are low in calories due to their low fat content! For example, our NEW Slender Waffle Mix only has as little as 172 calories per serving! This has beneficial implications for a weight loss diet. A lower calorie breakfast will contribute to a lower overall daily calorie intake, allowing you to enter a calorie deficit more easily when combined with physical activity. Thus, eating waffles may allow you to lose weight more easily! Sounds great, right?



Furthermore, depending on the type of waffles you opt for, they are also low in sugar!! For example, our Slender Waffle mix has only 2.1g of sugar per serving! Consuming lots of sugar has been associated with an increased risk of weight gain, this is because sugar-sweetened foods are high in simple sugar, which increases your hunger and desire for food. As a result, foods high in sugar aren’t beneficial for curbing appetite and ultimately lead to an increased calorie intake.



Fun fact: The Houses of Parliament used to hold an annual waffle eating contest in the 20th Century with one of the most famous winners being Margaret Thatcher, who beat Winston Churchill by an astonishing 27 waffles to claim the title!



Additionally, a high-sugar diet is associated with a number of adverse health implications including heart disease & type 2 diabetes. This is just to name a few… Therefore, low sugar breakfast options such as our Slender Waffle Mix is a great way to start the day without feeling guilty!



Furthermore, waffles are rich in carbohydrates. For example, our Slender Waffle Mix has 29.3g of Carbohydrates per serving. Carbohydrates are the main energy source for the body and are hugely beneficial for exercise performance! They allow you to maintain your intensity throughout your session, giving you sustained levels of energy and offsetting fatigue.



As well as being beneficial for exercise performance, carbohydrates have also been shown to help maintain good levels of cognitive function, therefore they play an important role in providing energy for the brain throughout the day. As a result, our Slender Waffle Mix is a perfect breakfast meal to help kickstart your day, providing you with enough energy to keep going through to the afternoon without distractions!



Additionally, there are a wide variety of healthy waffle toppings, rich in vitamins and minerals that can be combined with waffles to maximise the health benefits associated with their consumption. Fruits such as strawberries, blueberries etc are all rich in vitamins and minerals which have a number of key benefits for maintaining your health.




So to summarise, not only can eating waffles make you happier but they also have a number of nutritional benefits associated with them!



 - Jacob Ward, Nutrition & NPD Specialist





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