Vegan Collection™

Vegan Collection™


A Unique Blend Of Pea, Quinoa & Hemp Protein For A Smooth And Indulgent Taste!




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The Vegan Collection includes our delicious Vegan Blend which is one of the best vegan protein powders in the market. It is packed with a unique blend of Pea, Quinoa & Hemp Protein for a smooth and indulgent taste! It is high in protein, low in sugar and low in fat, making it the perfect vegan protein shake for achieving your weight loss goals! These vegetarian capsules contain an array of premium grade plant based ingredients, and you will not find a comparable product anywhere else. The caffeine in these capsules also increases mental alertness and concentration to give you the boost to power through your day without feeling lethargic or run down.


The Vegan Slender Collection™ is our premium vegan weight loss bundle, consisting of 1.8kg (45 servings) of our bestselling vegan weight loss shake - The Vegan Blend™ -  with two of our most popular capsules, Fat Metabolisers and Hunger Busters.


The Fat Metaboliser Capsules aid in boosting your metabolism, and essentially help burn stubborn fat. Packed with caffeine and essential B Vitamins, this helps to provide that extra boost for your workout sessions while reducing fatigue!


The Hunger Buster Capsules help to suppress appetite by increasing water retention in your gut. This is ideal for putting a stop to those binge eating sessions!


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